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Community Choice Aggregation Laws, Regulations and Systems

?--->New York State Community Choice Aggregation Voluntary Investment in Other Market Development Workgroup for the Clean Energy Advisory Council Steering Commitee, "Community Choice Aggregation Policy Recommendations Report" (2018)
?---> New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Community Choice Aggregation Toolkit (2017)
?---> New York State Public Service Commission Order Authorizing the Establishment of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) (2016)

?---> California's Community Choice Rules and Procedures, Rulemaking R.03-10-003 Contributions to Phase I and II Decisions (2004, 2005)
?---> California Public Utilities Commission Electric Procurement Proceeding R 01-10-024 (2004)
?---> California Public Utilities Commission Order Instituting Rulemaking to Examine the Commission's Future Energy Efficiency Policies, Administration and Program R 01-08-028 (2003)
?---> California's Community Choice Law, Assembly Bill 117 (2002)

?---> Nation's original "Community Choice" Bill, Massachusetts Senate 447 (1995, adopted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Chapter 164, 1997)

?---> Original Testimony to the Massachusetts Depadrtment of Public Utilities Regarding the Original "Community Choice" Bill, Senate 447 (1995)

CCA Program Design & Engineering

?---> City of San Francisco - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission CleanPowerSF In-City Buildout of Renewables and Energy Efficiency - SFPUC-Released Documents (2013)
?---> San Francisco's CCA Program Design, Draft Implementation Plan and H Bond Action Plan (2007)
?---> Appendices

Community Choice Aggregation Policy Analysis

?---> Sonoma County Alternatives Analysis: Electricity from Renewable Sources for Sonoma County (2013)

?---> San Francisco CCA Best Practices and Lessons Learned Report (2009)
?---> Appendices

Community Renewable Resource Survey

?---> San Luis Obispo Renewable Energy Secure Community (2013)

?---> San Francisco CCA Program Report (2009)
?---> Attachments

Big Data DER Targeting, Energy Resilience & Carbon Planning

?---> SonomaCleanPower-Related Documents
?---> Sonoma County Renewable Energy Secure Communities (RESCO) - Final Report (2013)
?---> Sonoma RESCO Data Collection Report
?---> Sonoma County (California) 2008 Climate Action Plan
?---> Appendices

Energy Localization Feasibility Studies

?---> Boulder Localization Standard Electricity and Natural Gas (2011)
?---> Boulder Energy Future Consultant Reports Page

CCA Procurement RFP Drafting and Negotiation

?---> San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation Second Request for Proposals (2010)
?---> San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation First Request for Proposals (2009) ?---> Link to LPI's RFP Press Release

Community Solar / Solar Shares Program Design and Renewables Development Bid Evaluation

?---> Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Community Solar Shares Program (2006)

?---> Appendices

?---> Imperial Irrigation District Renewable Energy Development RFP Bid Evaluation (2007)

Grid Resource Fossil Power Plant Replacement with DER / Alternatives Analysis

?---> San Diego County "Green Energy Options" Report (2007)
?---> Green Energy Options Report Appendices
?---> Green Energy Options Press Release

?---> Los Angeles Communities for a Better Environment Power Plant Assessment (2008)

Renewables and Energy Efficiency Finance Authority and Implementation Ordinance

?---> Nation's Original "Solar Bond" or H Bond Charter Authority - Proposition H, San Francisco City Charter Section 9.107.8 (2001)
?---> Nation's Original CCA 2.0 Ordinance - San Francisco Energy Independence Ordinance # 86-04 (2004)

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